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  • Points Cost of Items received over the last 30 days.
  • All Times Cost of Received Items

  • Members can Request Items

  • An Item Request can be set for Cost Evaluation Only
    • It will not be sent for Officer approval.
    • This Evaluation is shown on the Member Details page.
  • Specifying as many Details as possible it's always a good idea.
  • A Superior Officer can Approve or Deny those Items
  • Once Approved a Crafter can take the Item request and craft the specified Item
    • Once a Crafter takes the job for the Item Request than no Other Crafter can take the same job.
  • Once the Item is ready for Delivery - The Item enters a Delivered state and a message will be sent on Discord.
  • The Crafter and the Member will need to convene about the actual trade of the item.
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