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  • In addition to the Member Menu there is a new Item: Requests

  • Set by a Game Master, Guild Master or Admin
  • The rights are limited to the Unit and Sub-units that he is an Officer with Managing Rights of.
  • Has GMS specific attributes:
    • Transfers: Members joining the Unit or Sub-units
    • Roles: Members signing up for specific Roles
    • Activities: Members adding Activities.
    • Items: Members requesting Items. Without Approval Item Requests do not become available for Crafters.
  • A Managing Officer has rights over all above types of Requests but they should only handle the ones that are assigned to them. If somebody got promoted to 'Officer' it is expected of them a higher level of Common Sense ;-)

  • Matters in need of your attention will show up on the Game Details page if relevant requests are in the system.
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