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  • Activity: An interaction of the Member with the Guild in the Game. Exp: Participation in Events, Donations
  • Admin: A User with Top Level Administration Rights - Reserved for 1 or 2 people at most with decent coding knowledge.
  • Character: The Member representation at the Game level - Main and Alts
  • Crafter: A Member with a Role associated with Item crafting.
  • Game: The details environment where most of the juicy stuff happens
  • Game master: A member with the same rights as an Admin but only at the specific Game level.
  • Guild: A container of users. These users can join freely any Game of the Guild.
  • Guild Master: A member with the same rights as an Admin over the specific Guild and all the Games of the Guild
  • Item: Armors, Weapons or any other finite or intermediary product. Dropped or made out of Resources.
  • Recruitment Officer: A member that can handle Guild Applications
  • Resource: Any kind of game specific resource.
  • Member: An User accepted into a Guild
  • Officer: A Member with a Specific Job in a Unit
  • Officer with Managing Rights: An Officer that can handle requests of members of their unit
  • Roles: Different jobs that a Character can do. Exp: Bowcrafter, Miner, Field Commander, Target Caller
  • Unit: A group of Game Members. Part of the guild hierarchy.
  • User: A person with an active account in the application
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