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  • List of Item Requests taken by the Crafter
  • Upon Item Ready for Delivery the Crafter can:
    • Modify the Multiplier +/- 20% so the Item Points Cost is affected for the requesting Member.
      • This is meant as a light balancing tool for when an item is rather rare or abundant for a random reason.
    • Edit the Details - ideally explaining any Multiplier change.
  • Upon pressing the Deliver Selected Orders the following should happen:
    • Item Request becomes Delivered and it's visible on the Member's Delivered Items Page
    • Points Cost x Multiplier is being added to the Member's Received Items Cost
    • A message will be sent on Discord into a specific channel with the following info:
      • Who has Delivered the Item
      • For who is the Item
      • Item Name
    • The Item's associated Activity is being assigned to the Crafter and it will need approval by a Superior Officer of the Crafter
    • The Need List will be updated accordingly
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